Popular Education

April - June 2005

Yayan Komara is a Coordinator at an Indonesian NGO, Labour Working Group

Kong Athit worked for 2 1/2 years at the Tack Fat Factory discussed here. He was fired for union activity and lived on savings for eight months when he worked as a volunteer for the CCADU union. After six months he became a full time employee for the union, and has done this job for alomst four years working in administration, organising and training. In summer 2005, he was an intern at AMRC. Email - kongathit@yahoo.com

 Micahel Neary has experience of working in both community education 1979-1994 and as a University lecturer since 1994. He is currently the Director of the Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate research at Warwick and Oxford-Brookes University and he is an Academic Co-ordinator at the Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, a part of the Higher Education Academy. E-mail: m.neary@warwick.ac.uk

Julia Olmstead is a graduate student in plant breeding and sustainable agriculture at Iowa State University, US